From oooh!

Ew! That's the only word that described our master bath. 

The carpet got ripped up immediately, and the rest had to wait for about two years after move-in. But we finally did it. And life immediately got a million times better. Here's the progress.

It's a tiny master bathroom. It always will be small. But we decided to absorb about 10 inches from an adjacent closet to give just a little more breathing room between the shower and toilet. Ten inches might not seem like much, but it really made a difference in the space. So here's the wall demo phase: 

Okay enough about construction. Let's get to the fun part. Shopping! 

We hired the BEST contractor for this bathroom. He's so wonderful that we miss having him around! When's the last time you can say that you miss your contractor in your house? I am trying to come up with more remodel projects so he can come back and hang out. He did such a great job with our project, even making custom floating cabinets that maximize the tiny space limitations. I love him and I'm not sharing his name ANY MORE! (Okay, unless you're a client. Maybe.)

And today, we have an updated and functional bath.

The glass shower doors are actually going in next month which will complete the look.

I still want a bigger master bath (a girl can dream), but overall, we're really happy with the improvement made here!